North Coquitlam United Soccer Club

Coaching Resources

As the Club's constitution notes, the purpose of the club is to develop players' abilities and enjoyment of soccer through its coaches. This applies to players of all ages, as the club encourages participation of players ranging from 5 year-old boys and girls to youths and adults.

As a coach you are expected to promote sportsmanship among the players on your team. Signing on as coach, you make a commitment to become the best coach you are capable of becoming through the courses and training for certifications that are available to you. You will have many opportunities to develop as a coach, both officially and informally. Your players are counting on you. Enjoy the experience of helping them develop and mature as players, practicing fair play, competitiveness and the camaraderie of teammates.

North Coquitlam United Soccer Club supports the aims of the provincial and national soccer associations, BC Soccer and the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA). For more information on the roles of these governing bodies, see:

BC Soccer Association - Resources & Manuals

Canadian Soccer Association - Coaching Programs

Tri-Cities District Guidelines for Small-Sided Soccer

NCUSC Mini Handbook

Player Medical Form

Coaching Videos

North Coquitlam United Soccer Club offers you access to a library of coaching DVDs. Coaches can borrow DVDs for a two-week loan period. More titles will be added as they are available. To borrow a DVD, email or to make arrangements.

The titles currently available include:

  • Soccer Games - Over 40 great games to make your practices fun! - 2 Discs
  • Soccer Tactics - Defending to Win - 2 Discs
  • Soccer Coaches Guide - For young players 5-7 years old
  • Soccer Coaches Guide - For youth players 8-12 years old
  • All the right moves - To Beat and Get Past Your Opponent
  • How to Coach Very Young Soccer Players - Fun Games and Basic Skills
  • Attacking Soccer in the Female Game - Skills, Decision and Mindset - 2 Discs
  • Coerver - Play Great Soccer - 2 Discs
  • Coerver - Goalkeeping Essentials
  • Scoring: The Finishing Touch
  • Match Tactics: Making Effective Adjustments During the Game
  • Defending, the Dutch Soccer School
  • Defending to Win
  • Individual Defending
  • Club Coach: Under-8 to Under-10 and over
  • Coaching 9-11 year olds individual skills
  • Coaching the youth team, part 3
  • The Soccer Goalkeeper, part 1
  • The Soccer Goalkeeper, part 2
  • The Soccer Goalkeeper, part 3
  • The Soccer Goalkeeper, part 4
  • Games Approach to Coaching Soccer
  • Advanced one on one coaching
  • Soccer Drills vol. 2: Small sided games and combination play
  • Youth Soccer Drills - Small sided games
  • One on one coaching for parent and child
  • Small sided Games for a functional warmup
  • Beginner Soccer Games for Player Development
  • Goalkeeping, the last line of defence