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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the soccer season start?

The season runs from early September through to mid March with(approximately a) one-month break during Christmas. (Some Competitive teams will often still continue to practice during this time) The U11 to U18 divisions may typically start mid August and may play later than March depending on how well they do in Cup play.

How old does my child have to be to play soccer?

Registration is open to children aged 4 to 17. Children play in one-year age groups – referred to as U5 (Under 5) through U18 (Under 18). The timeframe for determining a player’s age is the calendar year from January 1 to December 31. For example, children born in 1999 will turn 8 in 2005 and are classified as U9.

What equipment does my child need to play soccer?

Players MUST provide their own soccer shoes and shin guards in order to play. These can be purchased at any sports store and for the younger kids there is a lot of used equipment available that is in excellent condition. Soccer Express offers discounts to club members. If purchasing there, advise of membership for discount.

What is included with my registration fee?

The registration fee includes the use of equipment during practice times (balls, cones, etc). We no longer are requiring uniform deposits for U9 and above. The uniforms will be sized for each individual age group and will now be owned by the player. At the end of the season, there will be no requirement to return the uniform (except for U5/6 to U8). U5 through to U8 there

Who will my child play with?

The U5 program (age 4) is generally the player’s and parents’ first introduction to organized soccer and is geared towards making soccer enjoyable. Where possible, teams are formed with children from the same neighbourhood (please fill in the “Nearest School” section of the registration form) and consideration may be given to requests for special placement. Boys and girls may play together in this program on Saturdays. Girls aged 5 and up may choose to play on girls-only teams in the U6 Girls program which play on Sundays instead of Saturdays.

From U6 to U10, there are separate boys and girls programs, however, girls may be placed on a boys team at the parents’ or guardians’ written request. However, boys cannot play on a girls’ team. For this age group soccer is still non-competitive and consideration is given to both balanced teams and special placement requests.

The U11 & U12 divisions are a transitional year between the non-competitive and competitive programs. At the discretion of the club, a development team may be formed based on skill level to interlock with other U11 & U12 development teams. The development team is determined through tryouts. These tryouts are advertised in the local papers in March under our Club banner or you may contact either your coach from the past season or the Competitive VP. Additional U11 & U12 teams will be formed under the U6 to U10 guidelines and will play in the house program. Standings are not kept for either the house or development teams.

For the U13 to U18 competitive divisions, team formation is based on skill level. Teams are registered through BCSA at the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Red levels for the boys program and the Gold, Silver A and Silver B levels for the girls program. From U14 to U18, there is an additional Metro Level above the Gold level which is for the best players within each district (talent pool dependent). Tryouts are held in April and May to evaluate each player’s skill level. The number of teams formed will depend on the number of players registered at each skill level.

When will I know what team my child is on?

Teams are formed after all player registrations, coaching applications and skill evaluations are completed. For the house programs, this will generally be in late August or early September. For the U11 & U12 development and competitive programs, this will be after tryouts. In either case, you will be contacted by the coach of the team your child is placed on.

How often will my child play and practice?

For most levels non-competitive levels, practices are generally one hour per week and play a one-hour game on Saturdays (Boys/Co-ed) or Sundays (Girls). At the higher divisions, teams may opt to practice longer and more often and game times gradually increate to two 45 minute halves. Some schedules may include “byes” where a team has the weekend off.

Will my child have to play in bad weather?

Soccer is an outdoor game. Games are generally played rain or shine unless the weather conditions warrant closing the fields for safety. In the case of a field closure, one of the coaching staff will call to inform you that the game is cancelled. While we encourage team commitment, forcing younger children to play often produces the opposite effect. Each parent must make their own decision, but please let the coaches know if you will not make it to a game or practice.

When and where will my child play and practice?

The availability of school gyms is being reduced and the school boards have introduced user fees. In the past, the younger divisions of U5 to U8 have practiced indoors in school gyms between 5 PM and 8 PM. However, the availability of individual gyms is not known until late August or early September and practice times and locations cannot be guaranteed. The selection of a practice time is ultimately up to the coach of the team who is a volunteer and must obviously be available.

The U9 to U18 divisions practice outdoors on a lit field.

The U5 & U6 to U8 programs are run “in house” and play at Cunnings Field (artificial turf at Town Centre) except U8. The U8 teams play at Eagle Ridge grass fields. (An in-house program allows tighter schedules and does not involve travel to other fields.) The girls U6 to U8 programs will be interlocked with the Port Moody Soccer Club with games played at Eagle Ridge Grass Field and Inlet Park in Port Moody.

The U9 to U18 programs are played at the District Level with other clubs and will involve travel to parks outside of Coquitlam.

What if things don’t work out?

Please view our website for the official refund policy.