Fields and Field Scheduling

THE FIELD SCHEDULER/COORDINATOR IS (click name to send email):

Field Coordinator – Rick Morrill 604-464-7626
cell 778-229-7372

Rick is responsible for scheduling fields for all games.

Each week he does a Weekly Home Field Schedule based on the schedules of all of the age groups and leagues involved.

Each team is assigned a field/time for their home games. THIS IS A GUIDE FOR TEAMS ONLY. Each week, due to field closures, home game conflicts, special events, etc. a team(s) home game may be moved. This will be communicated to the home team(s) involved, by Rick, in as timely a manner as possible.

ANY REQUESTS FOR EXHIBITION GAMES OR CHANGE IN HOME TIME FOR A GIVEN GAME MUST BE COMMUNICATED TO THE FIELD SCHEDULER/COORDINATOR BY SUNDAY AT 6:00PM THE WEEK PRIOR TO THE GAME. Rick has to submit his weekly home field schedule Sunday night and will not entertain requests for changes after 6:00pm.

The City of Coquitlam decides if a field is CLOSED or USER DISCRETION.

CLOSED MEANS CLOSED. If we as a Club use/play on a CLOSED FIELD, we will lose the privilege of field use.

USER DISCRETION means it is up to the user (NCUSC) to determine, within City Guidelines, if a field is usable. If a field has standing water, ice or snow, or any unsafe condition, then that field is NOT TO BE PLAYED ON.

If a Field is User Discretion, the Club Field Scheduler/Coordinator, usually with the help of other Club Officials, will determine if we use that field. If the weather has been inclement, all fields will be checked and a decision on each field made. The home team official will be contacted ASAP if any change has to be made to a home field/game time.

If it has been determined that a field is usable BUT, when you show up for a game and find a field is not in playable condition, then that field IS NOT TO BE USED. You can call Rick to see if another field is available or the game is cancelled. In either case, Rick, for fields, and Sue, for referees, need to be called immediately.

The City of Coquitlam offers Sports Field User Information. They have a telephone information line (604-927-6969/option 7/option 1) and any Coquitlam resident can sign up for Direct Email Service for Sports Field Updates (to sign up visit , select Sports Field Update, and sign up).


Each grass field that NCUSC has been assigned for use, will be supplied with a metal box with nets (the box is designed to stand on to attach the nets), corner flags, and a liner.

Field whiting is available at Eagleridge Main Field, in the metal storage container (in the parking lot off of Runnel Drive). The team responsible for a field lining that day is responsible for going to ER Main and getting the whiting.


A field must be lined each and every day it is used. This means that the first team on Saturday must line the field AND the first team on Sunday must line the field. This will ensure that the field markings do not wash away/disappear between weekends, and will make lining of the fields with proper markings easier each week. (Remember, the first game of the day could be anytime, so it is not an excuse to say you didn’t line the field because you didn’t know you were the first game, didn’t have any whiting, or didn’t have time). Feel free to contact Rick to find out if there is a game before you, on a given day.

The field equipment is NCUSC property and must be secured after a game. Liner must be put away, corner flags put away, and nets with storage box put away, AND ALL LOCKED UP IN THE FIELD LOCK BOX!!

No team is to leave field equipment up/out after a game UNLESS there is a scheduled NCUSC game after yours AND the NCUSC team is there at the field AND you have made contact with that Team Official and have handed over responsibility for the field equipment to that team/person.

ANY TEAM LEAVING THE EQUIPMENT OUT, UP, OR UNSECURED WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT EQUIPMENT. If it is noticed you will be called and expected to return immediately and properly secure it. If the equipment is stolen or damaged, the offending team will be responsible for paying for replacing the equipment.

PLEASE, if you notice NCUSC field equipment up at a field somewhere, and no team is around, be a good Club Member and take is down and lock it up. Then call Rick and advise him so he can take the appropriate action. We all want field equipment for our games, so lets protect it!

If you are aware of any equipment that is damaged, missing, or deficient, at any NCUSC assigned field, please contact Rick and let him know. He will not know of any problems unless he is made aware of them.

If you find any POT HOLES ON GRASS FIELDS. The City of Coquitlam requests that any potholes are filled in with sand, not field gravel. The sand will not inhibit growth, while the gravel will cause damage to the field. At all soccer fields with attached ball diamonds there are gravel/sand boxes on the outside of the ball diamond. For soccer season the City is replacing the gravel in these boxes with sand. Please use this sand for repairing any pothole damage on the field.