General Policies

NCUSC Code of conduct for Players, Coaches, Parents and Officials

Code of Ethics

BC Soccer Association Rules and Regulations (update June 2010)


A MUST read for ALL NCUSC Coaches & Parents


Any coach, player, parent, or other spectator FROM NCUSC who abuses a game official, in any way, will be dealt with severely under this ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY.

This includes physical abuse, or threat of physical abuse, verbal abuse, foul or abusive language, attempting to influence calls in any way, or attempting to influence how a referee calls a game.

It is NCUSC’s right to remove anyone from the Club, who abuses a Game Official. The Club, District, or B.C. Soccer, all have the right to make teams/Clubs post monetary performance bonds. Should this happen, it will be the Team’s responsibility to pay such bonds or any fines incurred.

Please remember, we have many young referees who are trying their best, and who are learning to referee by officiating non-competitive games. We expect a positive environment for them to work in.

Any positive feedback or criticism of a non – competitive referees performance should be directed to the Referee Scheduler/Coordinator.

All competitive referees are carded, registered, and take a yearly refresher course. Please make sure you are as refreshed on all Rules of the Game before criticizing the referees performance.


Practice & Playing

This policy is in keeping with the NCUS Club’s general philosophy of inclusion and the mission to provide an equal opportunity for all players to develop skills to whatever level they are capable and willing. NCUSC’s policy is that all recreational players (Boys and Girls) in the Non-Competitive age groups (U12 House and below) will get equal playing time to foster the development of individual players during District play.

For the Competitive age groups (U11/12 Select, U13 Boys’ Bronze/Red & Girls’ Silver and Bronze) District season, each player will be given an opportunity to play a minimum of 50% of the time. (Note: Players on Select/Metro & Gold teams are ensured of 50% playing time as well – see some conditions below). This percentage is not game specific and should be applied over the course of the entire District season. Moreover, there may be instances during or towards the end of the District season when game results are pivotal to a team advancing to a higher ranking for subsequent years, or Conference /League Cup play. During these games, it will be the coach’s discretion to decide the best balance between playing time and achieving a competitive result for the end of season standings. Additionally, this percentage does not apply to mandatory or optional soccer tournaments, and the coach will use his/her best judgment to decide the method of achieving the optimal results for the team as a whole.

As a result, some players may not get as much playing time as others during a specific tournament. We will strive to achieve the 50% playing time goal for older teams as well, but as competition increases, playing time will be more influenced by the player’s conditioning, efforts, attitude, ability, and attendance. Individual playing time for all teams: o Players who do not attend* any practices in the week prior to a game are not guaranteed playing time (Select/Metro/Gold divisions only). o Players who do not attend* all practices are guaranteed no more than 50 percent playing time for U13 Boys’ Bronze/Red & Girls’ Silver and Bronze. o Coaches are required to communicate this policy at the beginning of the season so all players understand the requirements. o Disciplinary measures are ultimately at the coach’s discretion in order to create a fair playing program for all players involved. Tournament playing time is at the discretion of the coach and may be based on a variety of criteria including practice attendance, effort on the field and team advancement potential.

*Absences from practice may be excused due to illness or other reasons at the coaches’ discretion. Note: If you have a complaint about a coach not complying with this policy, first talk with that coach. If not resolved, then talk with the Vice President of your division.

Playing Up Policy

(Applies to both; Recreational & Competitive Teams – all divisions)

The policy of the NCUSC is:

Players always play within their age group. However; in an effort to provide the means for players of exceptional skill and knowledge of soccer to play at the appropriate level of the game, to challenge their physical and mental abilities and develop fully as a player, the Club Advisory Committee¹, provides the opportunity for these players to “play-up” in an age group the club has a team competing. However ¹ Advisory committee includes: (Vice President of the divisions involved and the NCUSC Technical Director).

The only exception to this policy will occur if all of the following conditions are met:

First, a player may petition the Advisory committee to play in an older age group. The player will indicate why he/she feels they have the ability to play at the older age group. Then the Advisory Committee will evaluate the player, consulting with the coaches of the two teams involved, and determine if the player should play-up according to the player’s physical ability, the individual skills, and the mental preparation to play at an older age group.

Second, if the Advisory Committee feels a player has the physical ability, tactical ability, the individual skills, and the mental preparation to play at an older age group the Vice President will ask the player and his/her parent/guardian if the player would like to play up. In addition the following conditions must be met:

1. The player and the player’s parent/guardian must consent to the advancement.

2. The player must have the ability to be a regular starter on the older age group team.

3. The player wishing to play up must tryout with the older age group.

Third, if the NCUSC is in need of players to fill a team or start a team the Advisory Committee will ask players to play up to fill that team. If the advancement is to fill a team and the younger age group team has met and/or exceeded their roster limits set for their division group, the coach of the younger age group will be allowed to “protect” a core group of players. The remaining players will then be evaluated in accordance with the above criteria of physical ability, individual skills, and mental preparation to determine who or if players should be moved up. Advancement is conditioned on the consent of the Advisory Committee, the parents and the player involved. An advancement situation will be reviewed only in the ways set forth above.

This consent is to be evident by required signatures appearing on the Playing Up Policy.

The Advisory Committee will review the abilities of the player with the two coaches involved and must find that:

1. The player is not challenged at the player’s age group.

2. The player may suffer setbacks if continuing to play in that age group.

3. The player is mature enough to play and socialize at the older age group. The final factor in the decision will consider the overall skills of the player, the physical characteristics of the player, maturity of the player, and psychological effects on the player. The club will also consider what is for the overall good of the club. At the same time, the club must never lose sight of what is in the player’s best interest as an athlete and a person in the player’s development. The decision for the player to play-up will be made prior to the first scheduled game either; (Spring or Regular Season) league game if at all possible. The absolute decision must be made by the date District Cup rosters are due. In all decisions the final authority will reside with the Advisory Committee. This policy will be evaluated yearly, and can be changed in accordance with the needs of the NCUSC.

Clothing Policy

The purpose of this is to create a consistent, uniform look amongst North Coquitlam teams. All official team/Club clothing worn at games, practices, etc. should leave no doubt as to which Club is represented; NCUSC. It is the Club’s desire to have all members be proud of who they play/coach for and which club they represent.


All players/teams will wear the Club issued NCUSC uniforms for all games. Teams that wish to purchase a second set of alternate jerseys, to be worn when there is a uniform colour conflict with opponents, may do so at their own expense. Alternate jerseys are to be worn ONLY when there is a colour conflict with an opponent. Alternate jerseys must be in one or more of the three Club colours and must have the official Club Logo displayed in the normal size and manner on the left front chest. Alternate jerseys must be purchased from the Club approved supplier and be the Club approved brand. Alternate jerseys are to be approved by the Club Uniform Manager and the Vice President in charge of the team involved.

Navy blue is the approved colour for tracksuits and rainwear, although any one or more of the three Club colours is acceptable. Tracksuits and rainwear must be purchased from the Club approved supplier and be the Club approved brand. They must also display the official Club Logo in the normal size and manner on the left front chest.

Some teams may wish to purchase warmup hoodies, sweatshirts, and/or sweatpants. These must be purchases from the Club approved supplier (Brand is not an issue). Navy blue is considered the Club standard colour but any one or more of the three Club colours is acceptable. Grey is also a Club approved colour for these clothing items. All of these clothing items must display the official Club Logo in the normal size and manner on the left front chest.

Tee shirts are to be in one or more of the three Club colours, or grey. Tee shirts must display the official Club Logo in the normal size and manner on the left front chest.

Should be in official Club Colours where possible and display the official Club Logo in a proportionate size in the appropriate manner.

The Club works with a retail/wholesale supplier to supply our uniforms and Clubwear. The approved supplier may offer a choice of Clubwear, specific to NCUSC, from which to choose from. While teams/Club members are encouraged to purchase from this offering, it is not mandatory as long as the Club Clothing Policy is met. All uniforms and Clubwear must be purchased from the Club approved supplier.

The club approved supplier is Soccer Express.

The club approved brand is UMBRO. Should the Club switch brand support or Supplier for any reason, all existing Clubwear in existence, and/or on order will be “grandfathered”.

Where a team has a Club approved sponsor, the Sponsors name or Logo may be placed on the Clubwear items (at team or Sponsors expense). The Sponsor must accept all conditions of the Club Clothing Policy.

No Clubwear may display any product or company name or Logo that is deemed to be unacceptable by the Club. This includes, but is not limited to, tobacco products, alcohol products, products with a sexual connotation, or products with vulgar words or meanings. No Clubwear will display a product/company name or company logo that is deemed to be in conflict with any Club Sponsor(s), should they exist.

Refund Policy

NSF Cheques – all banking fees will apply.
Refund requests must be made in writing (letter/email) to the registrar by July 1st. Any requests received after July 1st are subject to review and may be denied. There will be no refunds for withdrawals after August 1st.
All refund requests made prior to July 1st are subject to the following fees:
20.00 Administrative Fee
Uniform Fee (cost may vary)
District and B.C. Soccer Association Fees
Medical/Injury (Doctor’s note required). Note: this will be pro-rated and subject to fees
A full refund will be issued if space limitations prevent a player from being placed on a team.
Refunds for players on a selected team*
Once a select player is registered, they will not be eligible for any refund should they choose to withdraw from their team.
* a select team is any team formed by a tryout/ selection process.

Referee Assignment Policy

All district, in-house & interlocked scheduled games (with the exception of U5/6 & U7) will have a referee supplied by NCUSC. All referee assignments will be done by the Referee Coordinator. NCUSC will be responsible for compensating the assigned referees for their time. For exhibition games where the team is requesting a referee in attendance, the team official is required to contact the Referee Coordinator with sufficient time to have a referee assigned & scheduled. Each team will have up to one (1) exhibition game with a referee paid for by NCUSC. If a team wishes to have more than one (1) exhibition game with a referee, it will be the responsibility of the team officials to pay the referee directly. The fee for the assigned referee will be determined by the Referee Coordinator & will not exceed what the Club would pay for their time.