Girls Team contacts U11 – U18


2011 Mayor’s Cup


The coaching team would like to extend a huge

Congratulations to the U13 Rebels and the U14 Rage

for their outstanding efforts at this year’s Mayor’s Cup

Tournament held this past weekend in Surrey.

The girls provided on-the-edge of your seat

nail-biting action all weekend long.

Seven players from each team combined to form this tournament team

and entered in at the u-14 silver division. The team was up against some pretty formidable opponents, but our girls held their own never gave up and in the end….

Rage & Rebels were crowned as the


Way to go girls….

You were all OUTSTANDING!

The North Coquitlam Rebels are an ordinary girls soccer team. Their win-loss record has not been outstanding. Bearing a miracle, they will not make the B.C. Provincials or the Canadian Nationals. They started the season playing at the gold level but after losing game after game, week in and week out (in some cases by a wide margin), the team was moved down to the silver level. They have not had their photograph in the local newspaper celebrating their accomplishments.

But these 12 year old girls are far from ordinary.

In an era that seems determined to have girls mature more quickly than nature intended, these girls have held resolute and retained their youthful sweet innocence. They are inclusive, kind and supportive – without exception – of everyone on the team, whether they are losing or winning. There are no cliques where girls are made to feel excluded. The entire team seems to be truly fond of one another. They truly embody the essence of teamwork, cheerfully pulling together to become better and taking real delight in celebrating each other’s successes and accomplishments. When the going gets tough, there is never blame or criticism directed towards anyone. They are a determined, uncomplaining lot who work hard at practice and during games, even under the most miserable playing conditions. Laughter and cheerfulness always predominates the field. The girls were quick to volunteer their time to help run a “World Cup” for younger players earlier in the season.

The volunteer coaches are also unique. It is evident that they are committed to not only developing the soccer skills of the girls but to creating a fun and supportive atmosphere that will give lasting memories and friendships for the girls. They are unfailingly enthusiastic and encouraging, with never a harsh word directed towards the players. I do not know of many coaches who would cheerfully give up their homes for a sleepover attended by 16 noisy 12 year old girls!

As with most families, money is tight and although they try to raise funds through other means (such as a bottle drive), this grant would go towards helping to pay for the training equipment and perhaps a development tournament.

This is the first year that my daughter has played on this team and she was welcomed with open arms. I have been coaching girls soccer for 7 years and I have never seen such a wonderful team atmosphere. I hope to take the lessons that I have learned from watching these girls and coaches work together to become a better coach myself.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

Darrell Dudley