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Dear Rycom and North Coquitlam Soccer Club

It is with great excitement that I am able to report on the conclusion of the Cleats for Africa project. You may remember that in October 2009,
I approached local sports clubs and schools to donate used
soccer gear and cleats to send to South Africa for disadvantaged youth to
celebrate the World Cup soccer tournament. With generosity from many
across the lower mainland, I was able to fill a twenty foot container.
The container left for South Africa in April 2010.While the container arrived in
South Africa during the world cup, its release was initially delayed by an
over worked customs office and then by a public strike.

It was finally released and I am pleased to share with you that the gear has slowly been distributed to a number of different sporting organizations in the poorer townships and
in the more rural areas across South Africa. This distribution task has been huge as it
has taken time and coordination to get the gear to some pretty isolated spots.
I have enclosed a few photographs that I have received from some of the recipients. I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you for your great support and generosity.

Kind Regards
Brendan Sexton

Joel Badger of the U7 Boys Sharks was diagnosed a few months ago with Perthes Disease,
his parent Debbie and Vinny(coach of the U7 Sharks and U11 Select Strikers) and big
brother Kane have made a YouTube Video to raise awareness of this disease and
wanted to share it with our members.
NCUSC wishes you a speedy recovery Joel!