North Coquitlam United Soccer Club

Referee Fees

This year the club will continue to pay our Referee's at the park BEFORE game. We found that to attract more quality Referee's we need to do this as well as it will be easier for our Referees. Most of our Referee's and ones from other clubs we use don't want to drive around picking up cheques. The consensus of Referee's I spoke to wanted this. You work you get paid, very simple.

You will each receive a payment log sheet and cheque that you will have to cash that has all the information you need for each game. You should all know by now how much to pay Ref's and AR'S if you use them. If you are unsure I have attached a separate sheet that gives the payments. Please ensure you have exact payment for each game.

We need it filled out every game; it will take you 2 minutes. Game, Age group, Refs name, AR'S name and signature of the 3 and how much you paid them as well as the Refs #.

Make sure you do this BEFORE game, don't make a young or older Referee seek you out and look for payment, this can be very awkward. Do not under any circumstances hold back payment until after the game because you want to have some sort of control over them, not saying it will happen but I am just saying… please treat them with respect. They are there for the same reasons, love of the game.

Remember ZERO tolerance of any type of abuse to Referee's is a NCUSC, BC Soccer AND FIFA rule.

Have a great season everyone.
See you on the pitch.

Dave Beausoleil
NCUSC - Head Referee

Referee Fee Schedule
Game Official Fee Schedule
Division Referee Rate Assistant Referee Rate Game Length of Halves
U8 $15.00 n/a 25 min
U9 $18.00 n/a 25 min
U10 $20.00 n/a 25 min
U11 House $25.00 n/a 30 min
U12 House $25.00 n/a 30 min
U11 & U12 Select $30.00 n/a 30 min
U13 Div 1 - 4* $35.00 $25.00 35 min
U13 MSL $45.00 $25.00 35 min
U14 Div 1 - 4* $40.00 $25.00 35 min
U14 MSL $45.00 $25.00 35 min
U15 Div 1 - 4 $45.00 $25.00 40 min
U15 MSL $50.00 $25.00 40 min
U16 Div 1 - 4 $45.00 $25.00 40 min
U16 MSL $50.00 $25.00 40 min
U17 & U18 Div 1 - 4 $50.00 $30.00 45 min
U18 MSL $60.00 $30.00 45 min

* Assistant Referee fees apply to U13-U14 Div 1-4 teams for District CUP only, not for regular season matches.

Referee Abuse & Zero Tolerance Policy

As per BC Soccer Zero tolerance policies, we as a club follow and agree with policies is this matter

Any coach, player, parent, or other spectator FROM NCUSC who abuses a game official, in any way, will be dealt with severely under this ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY.

This includes physical abuse, or threat of physical abuse, verbal abuse, foul or abusive language, attempting to influence calls in any way, or attempting to influence how a referee calls a game.

It is NCUSC's right to remove anyone from the Club, who abuses a Game Official. The Club, District, or B.C. Soccer, all have the right to make teams/Clubs post monetary performance bonds. Should this happen, it will be the Team's responsibility to pay such bonds or any fines incurred.

Please remember, we have many young referees who are trying their best, and who are learning to referee by officiating non-competitive games. We expect a positive environment for them to work in.

Any positive feedback or criticism of a non-competitive referee's performance should be directed to the Head Referee/ Scheduler/Coordinator. Dave Beausoleil

All competitive referees are carded, registered, and take a yearly refresher course. Please make sure you are as refreshed on all Rules of the Game before criticizing the referee's performance.