North Coquitlam United Soccer Club

Volunteer Program

Since our inception in 1971, the success of North Coquitlam United Soccer Club has been driven by our volunteers. NCUSC is a non-profit association run by volunteers. Starting with the 2016/2017 season we have implemented some changes to our registration process that will ensure the future success of our club. It is without a doubt that the enjoyment of our members depends on you the volunteer. There are many positions, which without our volunteers, would result in your child not being able to play soccer. This is why we have implemented the Volunteer Program for the 2016/2017 season, which is a deposit of $50 per family that will be reimbursed once volunteer duties have been fulfilled.

Volunteer fees have proven to be very successful in amateur sports as a way of ensuring that there are enough people to help with the activities of the organization. The NCUSC fee has been set at an affordable level when measured against those of other local soccer and sports groups.

How the Fee Works

At the time of registration, if you are wanting to volunteer as a Coach, Manager or Assistant coach you will complete this step first for yourself. By completing this process you will generate a coupon code that you will then use to register a player.

If you are not volunteering as a coach, it will be up to you, the volunteer, to ensure that you fulfill your volunteer commitment. When you have fulfilled your volunteer commitment, please ensure that your information is received by the NCUSC age group Volunteer Coordinator so that you can be refunded your $50 deposit. Should you choose not to volunteer, your deposit will be donated to the club.

Please remember that Coaches are not responsible for finding volunteer roles for parents on the team. They have important roles to fulfill in making the players' experience rewarding.

The numerous volunteer opportunities, can be found below. If you are interested in helping with any of these positions or have expertise in any other area please contact your age group coordinator at NCUSC.

There are also opportunities for parents to become part of the bigger picture of NCUSC. Many of the committees we need may only take a few hours a month to make a big difference in your player's experience with our club. If you are interested in becoming a committee member please contact

Volunteer Opportunities

The following activities count toward our Volunteer program:

  • Mini's Tourney - Set up, Tear Down, Refreshments
  • Coach's Appreciation - Set up. Tear Down Refreshments
  • Mini World Cup Events - Set up, Tear Down, Face Painting
  • Picture Day - Help organize the teams and provide assistance on the field during the photo's
  • Equipment Room - Equipment collection/distribution, Inventory and organization of equipment.
  • Uniform hand out
  • Free Mini Clinics, (introduction to soccer) set up, tear down, refreshments, on the field drills, on site registration
  • Dance, Set up, Tear Down, Refreshments, Bartend, ticket sales, organize prices, raffle, 50/50
  • Tryouts - Help technical team set up and take down, assign pinnies to players.
  • Raffle ticket collection
  • Field lining of Eagle Ridge minis, main and Bramble Wood grass.
  • Executive Positions - nominated at the AGM in April.
  • Team Coach (Team Official)***
  • Assistant Coach (Team Official)***
  • Team Manager or equivalent (Team Official)***
  • Age group Volunteer Coordinator

***Team officials must have ALL paperwork completed and submitted and assigned a team, please check out the Coaching Application page for more details.

***U06 - U18 teams can have up to 3 team officials, coaches and manager

Coaches and Managers

Most coaches and managers of teams are simply parents who care about their child's soccer experience and step forward to offer their assistance. Every year, new coaches and managers are needed as new teams are created. If you cannot help out personally, but know someone who might be interested in volunteering - friends, family members, former Club members, students who need volunteer hours - please have them contact:

NCUSC is committed to the education and support of our coaches. Throughout the season we offer courses to develop our coaches especially, the non-competitive ones who are just starting off. We also have the tremendous support of our new Technical Advisor. Please visit the coaches Applications page for more information or contact our Head Coach.